Sunday, April 27, 2008

Field Day--YAY!

Nothing makes spring more apparent than an all-school field day.  Field day, which literally translates to everyone sitting outside in the yard, is an opportunity for everyone to remind themselves that they are in fact human.  The kids can where their street clothes, teachers can dress down, there are games, the icee truck, music, sunshine, gossip and naps.  Once let out into the world the entire community exhales, and all of a sudden we’re all truly enjoying each other.  I’ve decided to use this post to simply jot some highlights of field day in order to get revved for the return to school tomorrow (officially, the beginning of the end…)


One of my colleagues (and one of my closest friends) was in charge of the tug-o-war.  I have discovered that I am terrible at tug-o-war.  My hands got sore, my feet slipped on the turf, and my team continually lost.  This happened even after I recruited several strong 8th grade boys to jump in at the last minute.  Yes, I succumbed to cheating, and I fully acknowledge that this was wrong.  Luckily we still lost, so I didn’t have to explain.

One of the boys from my homeroom (a really challenging kid to work with—but one I really like a lot) came up to our blanket as I was gossiping with a group of girls.  I had taken my shoes off so as not to “dirty” the blanket, so when he saw my feet he said, “Miss, what have you been walking on?”  I looked at my feet and noticed they were a little (I mean a LITTLE) dirty from the black rubber that the turf is laid on and replied, “Well, the good thing about feet is that they’re meant to get dirty.  I guess it’d from the turf and my sandals.”  He looked at me.  Looked at my feet.  Looked at me again and shook his head slowly—obviously I was a hopeless case.

I learned it is ok to lend your boyfriend your cell phone.  If he loses it/breaks it/gives it away you have immediate grounds for a breakup--unless he buys you a better one.  Also, he should offer to buy stuff for your friends—but your friends can only accept his offer if you are there.  Otherwise he might as well be cheating on you.  This is also a breakup-able offence.

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